Pomroy Harmony & Wellness meets individuals, groups, and organizations where they are and provides tools and guidance to enhance overall wellness.  A focus on placed on psychological wellness and mind-body-spirit cohesiveness – the foundations for physical wellness, peace and contentment in life, and performance at work.


Our programs are grounded in mindfulness-based emotional intelligence and yoga philosophy and bring pragmatism to traditional concepts.  Classes, courses, and programs are designed to increase accessibility to psychological wellness programs and provide prevention in addition to healing.


Our Coaching Process

We use the five-phase Mind Fitness Model in our coaching-mentoring programs:

  • Engagement – Setting intentions and commitment
  • Truth – Clarity about what you want, where you are now, and defining goals
  • Understanding – Understanding opportunities and obstacles, new habit requirements, values, and beliefs
  • Creation – Changing behaviours, observing triggers, diminishing attachments, noticing patterns
  • Transformation – New habits, tweaking, celebrating

You have only this moment. Find harmony in the chaos. Lead from your heart. Live well.